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Perfect Vision

Location: Av. Bonampak, Cancún, MX.
City: Cancún
Country: México
Area: 200 m2
Design Date: 2015
Client: Privado
Status: Completed

Remodeling Purpose:
To entrust in the individual health is a fear that every person must confront in certain moment and to feel the tranquility of being in the right hands for any clinical procedure is a real relief.
Perfect Vision is a Laser Ophthalmology Institute dedicated to advanced treatments with the latest technology equipment.
The entrusted objective for his remodeling was being able to transmit across the design, the confidence and safety with technology and vanguard to the clients who come to the clinic. To offer an innovation and perfection image and at the same time to offer safety and tranquility.
To transmit the sensation of cleanliness we use futuristic lines, pure white colors with subtle blue lighting to bring peace and calm, accompanied by a comfortable waiting area with seating in various shades of relaxing tones.

Concept Design:
The concept of design was generated from the inside to the outside, it was to create a spaceship interior environment, with the last generation technology, where across the glass transparency it could watch the different procedures that are realized by the suitable machines and the highly qualified staff.
Those areas are defined by windows that delimit every space, complemented with images designed specifically for every zone, as wallpapers to give this galactic sensation of being inside a spaceship.

Kinetic Façade
The exterior remodeling should reflect what happens on the inside, so a new aluminum skin façade was made with a futuristic aspect, inspired on an aerospace design.
A white unfolded envelope was made to create the façade silhouette that complement itself with a graphical ocular image and a several white aluminum panels which are sensitive to the wind movement, generating soft waves inspired by Ned Khan work, with his invention of Kinetic Façades.
BIM Techology
For the development of the project, we entrusted in the last generation BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Fabrication, where every piece was modeled in 3D with his information, measures and materials in Autodesk Revit, to be digitally made through a Computer Numerical Control in different materials like wood, aluminum and PVC, to be assembled in the correct place.
The use of the technology was the solution to realize with perfection and exigency every element.

Project & Design Team:
Architectural & Design Project:
sanzpont [arquitectura]

Arq. Víctor Sanz Pont y Sergio Sanz Pont
Arq. Eder Jafet Hernández
Arq. Valeria Gómez Hundorf
Arq. Acoyani Adame

Graphic Design:
LDG. Miguel Angel Mendez + sanzpont [arquitectura]

Arq. Victor Sanz Pont

Construction Team:
Planea Construcciones