Mexico | Spain | USA
Meet Point

Location: BLVD. Cumbres, C2a
City: Cancún
Country: México
Area: 3116 m2
Design Date: August, 2016
Client: Private
Status: In Progress

Design Concept:
Starts the work of the Plaza Comercial MeetPoint in Residencial Cumbres, Cancun. Project that will house Power Centers and Restaurants. Joined to a body of offices and offices.
Through a contemporary design concept, it will create a new plaza open to the public, always having contact with the outside, where visitors can visit and enjoy a new public space in the city of Cancun.
Taking advantage of its great façade to the north that allows through eaves to provide adequate protection to the building and the user, generating a new attractive building of social coexistence.
Designed entirely by BIM (Building Information Modeling) integrating Architecture and Engineering making a digital building model for better understanding, coordination and optimum construction.

Architectural Project:
sanzpont [arquitectura]

Design Team:
Victor y Sergio Sanz, Sophia Martínez, Ali Jossafat, Johan Velasco, Uriel Mena