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Van Dutch Center

Location: Puerto Cancún
City: Cancún
Country: México
Area: 2,650 m2
Design Date: August, 2015
Construction Completion Date: May, 2016
Client: Private
Status: Completed
Awards: Bronze A' Design Award Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category 2016 - 2017

Inspiration: The Design Concept is inspired by the aerodynamic lines and elegance of VanDutch yachts and the natural elements of the Caribbean, with the main objective as Recreational, Sports Integration spaces with Social Activities within the views of the canal and the golf course, inspired by boat and marina lifestyle.
Project Description: Recreational and Sports Integration: Designed to achieve a greater integration of society through a new space of public use, including Sport Spaces, Green roof and raised patio, Recreational and outdoor spaces, Terrace and Dock with a waterway view, Outdoor dining and Landscape integration. Vanguard Design: Offering a unique and contemporary design developed with the latest technologies. Accessibility and pedestrian circulation: Designed for all the public, preferring pedestrian traffic.
Operation, Flow, Interaction: The design expresses dynamism and spatial continuity inviting the people to sit on the terrace and have a coffee and enjoy the view of the canal and the native vegetation while delighting a soccer game on the courts.
Production, Realization Technology: Design was developed entirely with BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology. From the design phase, documentation and fabrication. iPhone/iPad A360 cloud 3D model was always on site for better people understanding about construction phases, from steel structure, MEP, and aluminum clading facade.

Architectural Project:
sanzpont [arquitectura]

Design Team:
Victor y Sergio Sanz, Sophia Martínez, Eder Jafet, Jose Rodriguez, Jose Miguel Cano