Mexico | Spain | USA
Van Dutch Center

Location: Puerto Cancún
City: Cancún
Country: México
Area: 2,650 m2
Design Date: August, 2015
Construction Completion Date: May, 2016
Client: Private
Status: Completed

Design Concept:
The VanDutch Center will provide Cancun with a new space of Social Infrastructure promoting the public space, sports and recreation. Conceived to achieve greater integration of society through a new space of public use, through sports spaces, green roof and raised plaza, recreation and outdoor spaces, terrace and pier with canal view, with Integration into the landscape.

The project offers a unique and contemporary design of avant-garde developed with the latest technologies. Designed for accessibility and designed for all the public, providing pedestrian traffic.

Sustainability is promoted through the recycling of use of previous spaces and existing building, generating an intelligent re-conversion of construction, adapting and adding new elements to the program, with Commercial, Sports, Recreation, Services, Social integration, generating a new attractive building of Social coexistence.

Designed entirely by BIM (Building Information Modeling) integrating Architecture and engineering making a digital model of building for its better understanding, coordination and optimal construction.

Architectural Project:
sanzpont [arquitectura]

Design Team:
Victor y Sergio Sanz, Sophia Martínez, Eder Jafet, Jose Rodriguez, Jose Miguel Cano