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Pushkinsky Cinema

Ubicación: Pushkin Square, 2
Ciudad: Moscú
Pais: Rusia
Superficie: No disponible.
Fecha de Diseño: Mayo.2011
Cliente: Architizer + Dupont - Changing The Face - International Architecture Competition Proposal
Status: Idea

PROMOTING RUSSIA’S CULTURAL LIFEThis project goes beyond the reconstruction of the facade of the building, and aims to promote Russian cultural life from the inside out. While the interior is used as a cinema, the exterior becomes the cultural landmark of the city being used as an urban stage for everyone. The outdoor stage is designed to host performances and public events, including theater, film and fashion shows, sculpture, sound and light art, dance, video and music. Lateral facades are designed unfolding the roof of the building from top to bottom, creating urban stairs to reach the top, plus 2 exterior elevators that allow people to access the roof using it as an urban balcony and a figure skating rink.
DESIGN BENEFITSThe architectural solution generates the following benefits and urban activities to the city of Moscow:. Promote Russian Culture. Urban Cultural Landmark. Urban Outdoor Stage. Public Elevated Balcony. Elevated Ice Skating Rink. Cultural Media Wall. Renovated Cinema Building. Improved Building Aesthetics. Moscow International Film Festival Icon. Pedestrian Cultural Glowing Path. The use of the most advanced materials by DuPont.
LED MEDIA WALLThe LED media wall is an element that makes the building come alive. Powered with green energy, generates a visual urban display contributing to the city’s cultural life.
Materials used for the building’s skin showcases:A. DuPont™ Corian® Glacier White for the solid external cladding, giving the building elegant aesthetics with a high performance skinB. DuPont™ Corian® Illumination Series Glacier Ice for the illuminated bands, tracing and glowing all pedestrian paths and urban connectionsC. DuPont™ SentryGlas® for the entrance glazed skin and railings.
URBAN CULTURAL STAGE FOR ALL The icon of Moscow International Film Festival
Proyecto: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Equipo de Proyecto: Sergio Sanz, Victor Sanz, Tania Cota.
Renders: Jose Miguel Cano, Sergio Sanz, Victor Sanz.