Mexico | Spain | USA
The Carmen Hotel

Location: Calle Norte, 8
City: Playa del Carmen
Country: México
Area: In Progress
Design Date: July, 2016
Client: Sagebrush Companies
Status: In Progress

Conceptual Design: Boutique hotel with 38 suites, Calle 8, Playa del Carmen. In process of work.
Exotic and avant-garde design inspired by the coral reef of the Caribbean Sea. The concept of design is based on creating an experience for its visitors through a unique and contemporary environment.
Project: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Project Team: Victor y Sergio Sanz Pont, Elizabeth Valencia, Eder Hernández, Valeria Gómez H., José Rodríguez, Sophia Martínez, Eric Gallegos, Mauricio Duhart, Osvaldo Cámara, Johan Velazco, Melissa Chavez, Uriel Mena, Ana Cristina Avilés
Montserrat Palau, Ali Jossafat.
Renders: sanzpont [arquitectura]