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The Carmen Hotel

Location: Calle Norte, 8
City: Playa del Carmen
Country: México
Area: 3,000 sqm
Design Date: July, 2016
Client: Sagebrush Companies
Status: Completed
Awards: Silver A' Design Award Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category 2016 - 2017

Inspiration: Exotic and vanguard Design was inspired by Caribbean Coral Reef. The concept design was based on creating an experience to visitors with a unique and contemporary ambiance.
Project Description: The scheme of the project achieves all the units can enjoy views to the Caribbean Sea by turning 30 degrees all the rooms. The Building itself is designed to be a real piece of art from inside out, making an outstanding boutique hotel experience, competing in the actual market with quality and a true immersive staying experience, creating something unique with contemporary curvilinear organic design making a statement on Hotel design from all over the world with an iconic architecture.
Operation, Flow, Interaction: The Carmen Hotel was designed to be a 4-level building with a basement and a roof. All services, storage and mechanical room are located at the basement. On the ground level, we have the Lobby, Restaurants and Terraces overseeing the Caribbean Sea. From the second to the fourth level, there are all the different layouts of rooms including the standard and the master suite. The highest level, the Roof Deck, features a Lounge type bar with an infinity pool as a center point of the space.
Production, Realization Technology: The building was designed to have the best energy performance construction of the Mexican Peninsula, achieving bioclimatic and sustainability goals, having low energy consumption by taking care of sunlight exposure using a high density polyurethane thermal system insulation at every wall from interior to exterior and triple glass windows, which also retain cooling when A/C is running, and designed with low energy LED Lighting everywhere making a high efficiency building.

Project: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Project Team: Victor y Sergio Sanz Pont, Elizabeth Valencia, Eder Hernández, Valeria Gómez H., José Rodríguez, Sophia Martínez, Eric Gallegos, Mauricio Duhart, Osvaldo Cámara, Johan Velazco, Melissa Chavez, Uriel Mena, Ana Cristina Avilés
Montserrat Palau, Ali Jossafat.
Renders: sanzpont [arquitectura]