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Palau Moja

Location: Calle de la Portaferrissa, 1
City: Barcelona
Country: España
Area: 457 m2
Design Date: May.2016
Client: ADLeisure
Status: Completed

Proposal: "El Palau Moja, The Catalan Heritage House, a place where you will be able to travel across Catalan history, discover genuine Catalan products, get informed about our activities, explore Catalan heritage and how it is related to the territory in a unique way, and also buy tour ticket for visiting the main cultural and heritage related places of our country."

Project & Design Team:

Sergio Sanz
Victor Sanz
Josemi Cano
Mariano Aguado
Candela Torres
Claudio Vázquez
Fabian Guadiana
Carlos Carrillo
Alejandro Vergara

Lighting: Lledó S.A.
Construction Work and Furniture: Divisa BCN
Photography: Arq. Sergio Sanz Pont