Mexico | Spain | USA

Location: Plaza Europa, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Area: 625 m2
Design Date: April 2017
Client: Inmobiliaria Colonial
Status: Idea

PE34 features an iconic design for a new office tower in "Plaza de Europa", located in Barcelona, Spain. The project features 22 stories with a total height of 92.80 meters from street level and more than 14,000 built square meters.

Finalist design of the International Architecture Competition held by Inmobiliaria Colonial. The design proposal stands with a clean and elegant white silk-screen glass skin facade that opens into vertical gardens on top levels, promoting a sustainable future design.

The building responds to the site by integrating itself into its surroundings. It engages a dialogue with the neighbouring building "Puig Tower", creating a visual balance between the two structures to be understood as a single entity.

By integrating vertical gardens alongside the solar controlled glass, the silk-screen skin facade of the building is able to reduce energy consumption by being environmentally friendly.

The structure is conceived as a simple pillar system with a concrete core. The two-way slab (Holedeck) is a system of voided concrete slabs that can be pierced through their thickness by ductwork and plumbing systems, drastically reducing up to 20% the height required to accommodate these building components.

PE34 cutting edge image, is achieved by a sustainable design, with a high value of environmental responsibility, an elegance aesthetic resulting in a high level of comfort for its users and promoting the image of the business.

The design features architectural hedonism creating different experiences and comfort, before, during and after the workday of all users.

The architecture is conceived in response to the local climate, its design uses strategic solar control elements with a balance between visual and thermal comfort.

NZEB is the acronym for Nearly Zero Energy Building or building with almost zero energy consumption. The European Energy Efficiency Directives establish a regulation whose objective is to promote the use of renewable energies, energy efficient constructive strategies and solutions of lighting and conditioning

ProJect: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Project Team: Sergio y Victor Sanz, Álvaro Licona, Eder Hernández, Ali Gómez, Eduardo Rodríguez, Valeria Gómes, Ana Avilés, José Miguel Cano.
Consultants: Tècnics G3, BIS structures, FERRÉS Arquitectos y Consultores