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BOULDER Industry and Arts Center

Location: Boulder
City: Colorado
Country: USA
Design Date: December.2016
Client: Sage Brush Companies
Status: In Progress

Conceptual Design: Ground Breaking and Iconic building for today’s nexus of creativity, technology and arts for Collaborative and Creative Work Spaces at Boulder Colorado. Housing open and strategically planned spaces for professionals bringing a node of productivity and creativity hub for business, recreation, modern living, dining, and offering a connected sense of community and network.
Boulder Industry and Arts Center will be located across street of new Google campus at Boulder Colorado. The design of the building is based on the premise of passive design and low energy consumption.
Project: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Project Team: Victor y Sergio Sanz / Alvaro Licona, Eder Jafet Hernandez, José Eduardo Rodríguez, Ali Jossafat
Renders: sanzpont [arquitectura]