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A' Design Award & Competition GSI

A' Design Award & Competition located in Italy, is the biggest and most prestigious awards in the world, which recognizes and honors every year to the best Design Concept, Architecture, Industrial Design, Products and Services in various categories in an International level.
The A’ Design Award Trophy is a symbol of excellence and global recognition for each project selected for the quality of design, vanguard and technology as an icon for a better future, under the slogan “Arte for Culture of the Future”.This 2015, A’ Design Award recognizes GSI Tower designed by the international office of architecture and design sanzpont [arquitectura], as one of the Best Architecture, Building and Structure Designs of the world with its Certificate of Excellence.
“The A’ Design Award is the indicator of quality and perfection in design, the award is worldwide recognized and is a certificate of excellence for the designers and a quality testing for the companies.”

Location: Av. Bonampak
Country: Mexico
City Cancun
Design Date: 2011
Status: Conceptual
Award: Bronze IDA Other Architectural Designs
Award: Bronze A' Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category

20 levels tower, destinated for commercial, hospitality and office use. The building consists in 2 vertical bodies that meet at the top by 2 habitable bridges with an interior garden to form a large frame of the natural landscape.

The building is protected from the sun in its west side by a "ventilated facade" of Alucobond flaky and indirect light is filtered inside between the horizontal slats of its outline.

On the Eastern front, the skin of the building is designed with a set of silkscreened, and transparent crystals sandblasteados advantage of the views of the golf course in Cancun and the Caribbean Sea. It has 2 parking levels integrated vegetated slope and high public square that generates a large urban balcony.

The interior design of the Mall in the early levels, expresses dynamism and spatial continuity invite another climb even higher to sit and have a coffee and enjoy the view terrace. In addition, the building opened to the public the opportunity to rise further, as it has a gazebo lounge restaurant on the top level. Thus, this vertical infrastructure with the inhabitant of the city and its urban environment is integrated.

Project Team: Arq. Victor Sanz Pont, Arq. Sergio Sanz Pont, Arq. Omar Cabrera, Arq. Tania Cota
Renders: José Miguel Cano