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A' Design Award & Competition CC

A' Design Award & Competition located in Italy, is the biggest and most prestigious awards in the world, which recognizes and honors every year to the best Design Concept, Architecture, Industrial Design, Products and Services in various categories in an International level.
The A’ Design Award Trophy is a symbol of excellence and global recognition for each project selected for the quality of design, vanguard and technology as an icon for a better future, under the slogan “Arte for Culture of the Future”.This 2015, A’ Design Award recognizes Cancun Center designed by the international office of architecture and design sanzpont [arquitectura], as one of the Best Architecture, Building and Structure Designs of the world with its Certificate of Excellence.
“The A’ Design Award is the indicator of quality and perfection in design, the award is worldwide recognized and is a certificate of excellence for the designers and a quality testing for the companies.”

City: Cancun
Country: Mexico
Design Date: 2014
Client: Private
Status: In Progress
Award: Iron A' Design Award & Competition

Cancun is a city of sun, beach and tourism.
Being the most important tourist destination of our country, with its beautiful beaches in the Caribbean recognized worldwide. The white beaches , turquoise blue sea, the calm waters , its natural resources and the fun of a holiday are the aspects that attract visitors.

The Design Concept for the project is inspired by the natural elements of the Caribbean, the rhythm of the sea, shapes and silhouettes that generate the movement of the waves and the breeze are some design guidelines that inspire the project to provide a unique identity with strong roots in this destination.

The project expresses with the silhouettes, the freedom of the wind, with its curved, the movement and dynamism, and with the textures, the brightness and warmth, creating a rejuvenated icon to Cancun, the Caribbean and the World.

Cancun Center Conventions & Exhibitions will be the new vanguard icon and contemporary image for Cancun, in its location at the center of events and conventions to be recognized for its global design.
Design Team: Victor Sanz, Sergio Sanz, Eder Jafet Hernández, Eric Gallegos Merchand, Jordan Galarza López, Valeria Gómez Hundorf, Eric Quiroz Hernádez, Victor Uriel Mena.
Graphic Design: LDG. Miguel Angel Mendez
CG Artist: Jose Miguel Cano
Huracaine and CFD Consultor: Dr. Arch. Marco Antonio Gutiérrez